Celeb policy

COC may

  • Build your profile on the COC website.
  • Use your images in marketing activities not limited to the COC platform.
  • Use social media profile various contents relating to the celeb's handle name, numerous hashtags associated with the celeb, bio, webpage links, email address, photographs, and videos to set up the celebrity' profile on Celebonclick.com or any app related to CelebOnClick.

The new profile on Celebonclick.com can be live as soon as the superstar has approved the same. No profiles can be created without the consent of the celebrity.

The amount earned will be dispensed as follows -
CELEBRITY: 70% of the total booking value
Celebonclick.com: 30% of the total booking value
(Charged towards portal handling & operational charges, marketing, and promotional activities).

Payments to celebrities are disbursed fortnightly most effective after the completion of the task/job i.e. on the 15th and 30th of each month.
If the given date is a holiday, transactions shall be performed on the subsequent working day.

Recorded Video request needs to be completed in 5 days and other requests like One on One Interaction, Direct Message, and Official Merchandise are set on a particular date or time requested by fans. (you can reject the fan's request in 2 days)

It is advised that the celebs should post once a month on their page so their fans can know about them and avail the services

COC cannot be held liable for media abuse by fans or third parties who we have no control over.

You hereby confirm that you are not legally bound by any agreement that conflicts with your engagement with COC. COC cannot be held liable for a breach outside our domain.

Opt-out - If a celeb decides to opt-out of COC, they can simply inform our team members. The celeb is not subject to any penalty/fee upon opting out. However, if there is a pending order, the celeb must fulfil the 'accepted' order; subject to which the celeb is off-boarded, after completing said order.

Ownership of all content rests solely with COC. The celebrity relinquishes any claims, rights, or ownership of any content made for and through COC. They can, however, share such content in their social media profiles by attributing COC.

Change of terms - We may mitigate these terms from time to time. If we amend these terms, by posting the revised Terms on the website, the celeb shall be notified about the same. These changes take effect on the date of revision indicated in the revised Terms. You agree to the revised Terms by continuing to use the COC and its services.

Please read and accept our terms & conditions to complete your registration.