Celebonclick.com offers customized video shout-outs, video calls, personalized messages to help "celebrate the moments of everyday life." We partner with hundreds of popular celebrities of all kinds to turn your greeting, announcement, or question into a personalized, one-of-a-kind video shout-out that can be enjoyable, exciting, inspiring, and meaningful!

It is easy and takes these 4 simple steps -
Step 1 - Browse talent and choose your favorite celeb.
Step 2 – Click Book Now and fill in the details, what you would like them to say in the video/message.
Step 3 – Pay with our secure online portal.
Step 4 – Receive your video/message.
A: Depending on the type of request, celebs typically have up to 7 days to complete the request, but they generally respond to complete requests in a matter of days (sometimes even faster). There are also a few celebs who return last-minute reservations within 1-2 days. If your request is not completed for any reason whatsoever, the entire payment will be reimbursed to you.
A: The prices depend upon the celebs of your choice. Also, the type of interaction you prefer determines the price. For your better understanding, we have listed the price of each celeb's services on our celeb panels.
A: COC encourages you to share it on social media and with family and friends, as long as it is strictly for non-commercial purposes.
A: COC will try its best to edit said request, but we cannot guarantee that the changes shall be acknowledged by the celeb.
A: Yes, all videos booked through our website solely belong to COC. Hence, we add a COC watermark to claim ownership and to avoid misuse.
A: You can check the status of your request on our website itself.
A: There is a chance that your request may get rejected if there is some innappropriate content or the celeb is currently unavailable to do so. In such cases, COC shall refund you the full amount in 5-7 working days.
A: We understand if you decide to cancel your request. However, the celeb may have already recorded your message. Unfortunately in such a scenario, we cannot initiate a refund.
A: Yes, COC is open for such inquiries. Please mail us at info@celebonclick.com.